Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Ancestors, Part 8: Charbonneau

This is my ex-husband's direct maternal lineage, which is also French Canadian. 

mtDNA testing showed that he is part of Haplogroup A.  It was a very exciting time when I learned this.  We had no idea he had any Native American blood whatsoever, so it was a summer of many discoveries for these particular ancestors!

These ancestors came to Putnam, Connecticut from Quebec.

Generation 1:

1.  Dora Helen Agatha Charbonneau (1892-1963)

Generation 2:

2.  Joseph Charbonneau (1859-1926)

3.  Melvina Lussier (abt. 1864-1897)

Generation 3:

4.  Maxime Charbonneau (abt. 1818-1905)

5.  Julie Beaudreault (1821-1898)

6.  Michel Lucier (1823-aft. 1880)

7.  Malvina Boucher (1833-1895)

Generation 4:

5.  Toussaint Charbonneau (abt. 1782-?)

6.  Marie Victoire Thibault-Leveill

7.  Antoine Beaudreault (abt. 1794-?)

8.  Marie Anne Michel (abt. 1794-?)

9.  Joseph Lucier (abt. 1766-?)

10.  Rosalie Brodeur

11.  Francois Boucher (1798-1843)

12.  Marie Reine Bousquet (1797-1871)

Generation 5:

13.  Joseph Charbonneau (1758-?)

14.  Marie Angelique Taillon (1760-1813)

15.  Unknown

16.  Unknown

17.  Joseph Beaudreault (1764-?)

18.  Marie Boudreau (1758-?)

19.  Pierre Michel (abt. 1774-?)

20.  Marie Bouchart (abt. 1774-?)

21.  Etienne Lucier (1726-?)

22.  Ursule Favreau (1727-?)

23.  Louis Brodeur

24.  Marie-Rose Benoit

25.  Francois Boucher

26.  Marie Angelique Marcourelles

27.  Amable Bousquet (1776-1836)

28.  Marie-Reine Pepin

As you can see, this line also requires additional attention with regard to dates.  I will end here, although there are many more ancestors I could include.  The French Canadian lineages tend to confuse me with the similarities in names, and I add a little bit at a time as I work.  Finding and confirming dates and places are of the utmost importance with regard to these particular ancestors of my former husband's.

I will continue to work on these ancestors.  After all, they are also my son's ancestors!  :)

Copyright (c) 2010 Wendy L. Hawksley

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