Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Travelogue - Sunday, September 5, 2010

On Sunday we traveled up to Anguk Station in northern Seoul, where we saw Gyeongbokgung Palace.  The Palace was originally built in 1395, but destroyed by fire during the Japanese invasions of 1592.  It was reconstructed in 1868.

After walking around there, it began to pour.  We decided to dash through the downpour to A Twosome Place for lunch and enjoyable conversation about matters both mundane and existential.  The ice chocolate there... OH MY GOSH!  Delicious! 

We relaxed after eating and drinking, gave the weather plenty of time to settle down, and then made our way back to the train station to go to Lotte World.

Lotte World is the world's largest indoor theme park, open year-round, and also has an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island".  This place is like the Korean equivalent of Disney World - castle and all!

The first thing that totally amazed me was the fact that the amusement park and train station are co-located.  That's right.  You get off the train and you're there!  I kept marveling, "Wow.  An amusement park in a train station... How cool!"

Well, despite warning my friends that I cannot do the thrilling rides (i.e. anything that spins, swings or plummets) as a result of my equilibrium being thrown off big-time by giving birth to my son (I *used* to be able to do those rides, but that was before pregnancy), they still dragged me on to one of the more popular, and more nauseating, attractions: The Conquistador.

It is a swinging boat that swings up to 75 degrees. 

Now...  I've seen those before - usually the ones that hang upside down momentarily - and there is no way in hell that I have *ever* wanted to ride it (even before having my son).  So I warned my friends that it was not a good ride for me. 

I think they realized that I wasn't full of crap once they shoved me into my seat and the ride started up, because I was absolutely ill.  I'm sure it showed on my face (as well as in my shaking legs when the ride ended and we got off).  That put the kabosh on them trying to force me onto a roller coaster, but the guys still tried to talk me into some of the more thrilling rides. 

Regardless, I elected to stand aside with the camera while they rode the Giant Loop (just a huge 360 degree loop), French Revolution (a roller coaster that makes 360 to 540 degree twists and turns) and the Gyro Drop (free fall from 70 meters up at 100 kilometers per hour).

Thanks, but no thanks!  They, however, had a blast on those rides, and I was glad to see that they were having fun.

I selected more tame fare such as the Ghost House (a really cool 3D movie where you follow the perspective of a cat going through a haunted house on a stormy night), World Monorail (a tour ride across Lotte World - high up and I hate heights, but it wasn't bad at all), Jungle Adventure (a whitewater "rafting" ride), and Pharoah's Fury (with a line so long, that I added my name to the wall at Lotte World!). 

Pharoah's Fury did have a sudden drop, but because it was in the dark and I didn't realize it was coming, it wasn't too bad.  One of my friends kept telling me that my fear of/reaction to the thrilling rides is mostly mental.  But I really prefer to keep my feet on solid ground, and not face the nauseating loops, twists, turns, or plummets of high-speed rides, thank you very much.

We grabbed some dinner at one point during our Lotte World excursion.  The food there is OK.  It isn't great; you can get something fast and fairly tasty to satisfy your stomach there.

Finally there was the Flume Ride.  This was *not* something that I really wanted to do. 

Back when I was a child in the 1980's, my father took me and my sister to The Great Escape in Lake George, New York (my dad always planned the best vacations!).  We went on the Desperado Plunge there and I absolutely hated the plunge.  It isn't a long plummet, of course, but it just isn't my cup of tea.

The Flume at Lotte World is a shorter ride, but I was still not keen on plummeting downward so quickly.  Still, I survived.  :D

Overall, I had a great time and was happy to call it a day.  I slept *very* well on Sunday night.

Copyright (c) 2010 Wendy L. Hawksley

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