Saturday, March 6, 2010

Group Review

Can a twosome be called a "group"?

Probably not, but I am pleased to report that I had one person (besides me) show up to the group for our very first meeting.  He is new to genealogy and presented an interesting challenge.  In addition to giving him what turned out to be a Genealogy 101 lesson, I made sure to give him my email address, just in case he needed/wanted more assistance.

And he offered me something in return:

He's the morning DJ for AFN (Armed Forces Network) radio here in Korea.

Thank you, Smitty.  I look forward to hearing a shout-out for the Genealogical Discussion Group on Monday morning between 8:15 and 8:45 a.m.  Your offer of publicity rocks.


  1. Wendy, that is a start. And you're lucky he is a DJ. Next time there will be coming in droves. I left a comment at your previous post. Hey, it got you away from the computer (I think).

  2. Heh heh. Thank you Barbara! Yes, his offer to make sure the group is publicized is much appreciated.

    Since the group was just the two of us, I'm going to keep the same informal "agenda" for the next meeting - getting to know each other and sharing research interests. I like having the basic outline, yet also the idea that it will be flexible overall.

    My fingers are crossed for the April 3 meeting!

  3. I started a Girl Scout Interest Group for genealogy several years ago. At the first meeting one girl came with her mom. The next week I had six girls, and each brought a female relative (a mom, a grandma, an aunt, etc.) The third week we had a room full! Good luck! It may grow exponentially, just like a genealogy chart!