Monday, March 1, 2010

Food in S. Korea

Barbara from Life from the Roots has specifically asked to read and see more about South Korea.  Here and there, I will add some posts about life here.  Admittedly, I am not very interested in the region and am a deadbeat world traveler in that sense.  Heh.  (On the flip side, I am stoked about Germany!  But my ambitious plans for genealogical research in Europe can go in a different post.)

However, I have plenty to report in spite of my home-bodyness.

First of all, Korean food is delicious.  No matter what your eating preferences are (omnivore, vegetarian, vegan), there is something to please everybody.  And, while picky eaters will be picky eaters, my 7-year-old son ate one of these when I would not:

The bulgogi spreads are sooo very yummy!

However, we have not had the same food out more than 2 or 3 times.  We have enjoyed, not just Korean food, but Thai, Indian, and Brazilian here. 

There are all the comforts of home, including McDonald's and Baskin Robbins, but who wants to settle for that when they can enjoy kimchi, fried tofu, and spicy soup (that I have yet to identify, but love)!  Also, I was pleasantly surprised by one dish that is like an omelet with squid in it - delicious.

Probably the best thing about food in Korea (besides the garlic - I wish I could import it by the ton!), is that it just keeps coming.  There is so much food placed on the table, and you can assemble your meal in any manner you choose (leave the meat out, if you like, or pile it on).

If you ever visit Korea, the food is well worth the won you will spend on it!

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  1. Wendy, it has taken me quite a bit of time to reply, but I couldn't open this site. But now it worked! Thank you for posting this, it is quite interesting, nice photos and descriptions. A few more about S. Korea before you leave. And send me your email please, or put it on your blog.