Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to Research!

I have spent the past year or so moving my entire genealogy file, person by person, from Family Tree Maker to Legacy.  It is such a relief that it is complete now.  Every single source citation has been visited or read again (probably for the hundredth time!) and the entries now contain more detail.

I can finally return my focus to brick walls this weekend. 

More to come later; my week has been thrown off a little bit by a few inadvertent early mornings, and I want to complete a cross-stitch project!

That is what this year is about: completing projects before our next move.

1 comment:

  1. I also use Legacy software and I'm very satisfied with it!

    Incidentally, if you drop by A Canadian Family here:

    you'll find that I've granted you the Happy 101 Award in recognition of your generousity in leaving comments on my blog and other people's blog.
    You are a doll - so please pick up your cupcake, but wipe your hands before you go back to your cross-stich!
    Evelyn in Montreal