Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Co. A, 2d Med BN ARMD, part 4

Of all the photographs of the men of Co. A, 2d Med BN ARMD (in which my husband's grandfather, Normand Terrien, served), these are the only 3 without anything written on them.

Unknown men, but perhaps someone will come across these photographs (or any of the others) and recognize family.

If so, please leave a comment or send me an email (which you can do from my profile). I hope to reunite these photographs with family members!

Co. A, 2d Med BN ARMD, part 3

In the photographs below:

#1: S/Sgt. Blakemore and Moses

#2: S/Sgt. Blakemore in front of kitchen and billets in Volk (in Germany). He was the Mess Sgt.

#3: Farris

#4: Ferris

Co. A, 2d Med BN ARMD, part 2

The photographs are as follows:

#1 & #2: Lt. Henry

#3: Nermauger (?)

#4: R. Johnson

Co. A, 2d Med BN ARMD, part 1

At last, I have the Orders in hand that say I am off to Korea.

Therefore, I want to get the last 4 groups of photographs up here on my blog. Perhaps during the time I am moving, someone will find one of these names and recognize a relative, leave me a message, and give me yet another family with whom I can reunite some photographs.

The men in the photographs below are as follows:

#1: Rutherford, Leger, Bell, Karth, Tryon, R. Johnson

#2: "Doc" Whitney

#3: J. G. Bell

#4: Sam Vitale and Captain Byrnes

#5: Captain Byrnes

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Collecting Platoon at Volk

Next up are 2 photographs of the Collecting Platoon on the hill near the pond at Volk. I have no idea what a Collecting Platoon did, but maybe these photos will interest someone. These are the men of Company A, 2d Med BN ARMD.

Life is busy

I've been focused on the move to Korea and the general craziness of life, so no new WWII photos have gone up. I shall get to them today!

Meanwhile, I am happy to report contact with new cousins regarding my husband's family. Fabulous. Someday I hope to meet these wonderful folks.

Isn't it funny how Korea was not a place I ever planned to visit, but I'm about to live there, while I would love to live in Canada, but will have to settle for visiting sometime in the future (I'll probably be in my 40's by then... Oh, wait... That's only 6 years from now!).

Off to the UU for church (speaking of religion, I highly recommend "Religulous" for anyone who will not be offended by Bill Maher's questioning of the Abrahamic religions. Obviously I am not Christian, Jewish or Muslim, so I found it HILARIOUS), and then I must pounce on my genealogical emails when I get home, as well as clean out my desk (how did the bottom drawer get so heavy?) and go through photographs for an aunt.


I spent this past weekend running errands, including purchasing luggage and all the necessary items for flying with cats (awesome new carriers, harnesses, ID tags, etc.).

And I will also get up a post with some new WWII photos today. I'm ambitious!