Monday, October 12, 2009

Crafty Cousins

As another cross-post from my regular blog, I would like to mention to Witchy relatives of mine:

Charles Godfrey Leland has long-ago New England roots. Most Wiccans and Pagans know him as the author of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches.

Whether or not the information in his book is true (it has been hotly debated for years), Leland can be credited alongside Gardner and others with having a hand in the resurgence of Paganism in modern times.

Another relative is Lady Gwen Thompson, another relative whose roots are old New England. Her grandmother, Adriana Porter, supposedly handed down a family tradition of Witchcraft. The book Rede of the Wiccae covers their lineage, as well as the story of the family tradition. It is a very interesting read!

Those are just a couple of my distant cousins who have had an influence on modern day Neopaganism and Witchcraft that comprise my spiritual path and practices.

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