Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family History Center... Here!

When I moved, I gave up hope of utilizing the Family History Center anytime soon...  After all, I'm in South Korea right now.

But I realized that I really ought to look it up on the http://www.familysearch.com/ website, just to be sure.

And, yup, there IS a Family History Center.  IN MY CITY!

You see, Osan Air Base is located in a small town called Songtan.  Songtan is a suburb of Pyeongtaek.  I see Pyeongtaek out my apartment windows. 

So now I just need to call the phone number and hope they speak English.  Then find out the hours, snag a taxi, and I can get back to ordering microfilms!  Well, we'll see how brave I am.  ;-)

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