Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zigursky, White & Pamplin (Pomplin)

Here are two more photographs of men who served in Co. A, 2d Med BN, ARMD in Germany:

The top photograph says "Zigursky & White" on the back.

Well, "White" is far too common a surname, so I did not even investigate it. But if you had a father, grandfather, or uncle by the name of White who served in WWII, check it out!

"Zigursky", on the other hand, is a much rarer surname, so I checked it out. There were two men I found who enlisted during WWII:

Edward F. Zigurksi, born 1919 in Illinois and died 15 March 1997. HIs wife was Genevieve and they had a son named Lester born in 1947. So if Lester Zigursky is out there, I hope you see this photo! This is either your father, or possibly your uncle.

The other Zigurski I found was Joseph J. Zigurski, born 1910 in Illinois (I think Edward and Joseph were brothers or first cousins). Joseph died in October of 1980.

The second photograph - the man sitting on the ground - is marked on the back as "'Pat' Pamplin" or "Pomplin". There were 4 Pomplin men I found who enlisted:

Alvin A. Pomplin, b. 1907 in Wisconsin

Fredrick E. (listed as Fred Rick E.), Jr., b. 1924 in Indiana

Louis F., b. 1919 in New York

Lyle F., b. 1921 in Wisconsin (related to Alvin A.?)

And if it is Pamplin, there are several men who enlisted - 45 Pamplin enlistments were found at

So I hope someone out there recognizes either Zigurski or Pamplin (or Pomplin) in these photographs (I think White would be a longshot). Drop me a line if your family is in any of the photos that I have posted, so I can send the original to you!

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