Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earle Cohen, Oliver Carter, Thornhill, Lt. Klein, & Lt. Baker

More men from Co. A, 2d MedBN, ARMD.

The first photograph is of Earle Cohen and Oliver Carter. However, Earle may very well be mispelled. This could be an Earl or even "Carle". But based on the letters in grandpa Terrien's other writings, it looks like "Earle" to me.

An Earle Cohen from Connecticut did enlist. I think he may still be living.

Meanwhile, 26 men named Oliver Carter enlisted.

The men in the group photograph are Earle, Thornhill, Lt. Klein, and Lt. Baker. No first name for the other 3 men. Klein and Baker are both fairly common names, but maybe knowing their ranks will help somebody. Thornhill seems like a rare name, until you check WWII enlistments and find 278 of them!

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