Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barney Harris & Emil "Bing" Grama (???)

The top photograph is of Emil "Bing" Grama. At least, it looks like "Grama" on the back of the photographs! Emil is also in the second photograph. I'm honestly at a loss on this last name.

There are enlistments for 3 men named Emil Grams, but the end of the surname clearly looks like an "a". So I probably have the first letter incorrect. It COULD be an A. There is an Emil Arama who enlisted for WWII in Michigan.

The other man in the second photograph is Barney Harris. There are quite a few men by that name who enlisted during WWII, so I can not pinpoint who he is with any certainty.

If your relative goes by either name and served in WWII in Co. A, 2d Med BN, ARMD, let me know and I will mail the photograph(s) to you!

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