Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joseph Scotton & Al Brandl

The first of the 2 photographs below says "Joe Scotton, taken in Volk" (it looks like most of the photographs were taken in Volk).

I found one man who enlisted during WWII by this name - Joseph M. Scotton, born February 7, 1919 in Delaware and died March 9, 1998 in Mt. Vernon, New York.

He enlisted October 7, 1940 and was single at the time.

His wife might possibly have been named Maria, as there is a Maria Scotton who died in New York in 2004. I looked up the Scotton name in current New York directories and found several. I did try to make telephone calls, but one number was no good and I left a message at the other, but never received a response.

The second photograph is of "Al in the field, taken on August 19, 1943. Brandl."

There were 2 men who could possibly be "Al Brandl" when I looked through WWII enlistments.

One was Albert Brandl, born March 19, 1910 in Wisconsin, and died August 20, 1972 in Los Angeles, California. He enlisted in L.A. in March of 1943.

The other was Alfred Ivan Brandl, born June 25, 1923 in Texas and died February 9, 1985. He enlisted in November of 1942.

His wife was Beatrice Eleanor, who died in 1986 in Texas.

I found 2 children: John William Brandl, born 1958 in Texas, and Mary Ann (now married to Patrick Wenske), who was born in 1962 in Texas.

A telephone call to the Wenske household went unanswered.

So I hope somebody out there recognizes "Joe Scotton" and/or "Al Brandl" as their father, grandfather, or uncle! These two men served in Company A, 2d Med BN (2nd medical battalion), ARMD.


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for doing all his work on finding the relatives of "Al" Brandl. I am Mary Ann (Brandl) Wenske, the daughter of Alfred Ivan Brandl of Texas.

    I do have to say that the fellow in the picture isn't my dad. There's not a resemblance.

    Hope you do find his relatives sometime.

    God bless
    Mary Ann Brandl Wenske

  2. Thank you Mary Ann! I will see if I can find out more about the Albert Brandl from Wisconsin. I'm so you glad you found this post. It helps me narrow the field. :)

  3. I thank you, Wendy, for doing this research. Hope you have much success on the rest of your research.