Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This photograph merely says "Dantona" on the back:

A search of men with the surname "Dantona" who enlisted during WWII gave me the following results:

Battisto Dantona, b. 1919, enlisted 16 Sept 1940, Connecticut

Frank Dantona, b. 1919 in Italy, enlisted 21 Jan 1942, New York

Liberato Dantona, b. 1914 in Illinois, enlisted 13 Jun 1942, Connecticut

Michael J. Dantona, b. 1918, enlisted 13 Oct 1944, New Jersey

Rosario Dantona, b. 1913 in Italy, enlisted 31 Mar 1944, Massachusetts

Sammy G. Dantona, b. 1919, enlisted 17 Nov 1942, Massachusetts

Vincent A. Dantona, b. 1918, enlisted 27 October 1942, New York

I do not know which man is in this photograph, or even if he is one of these men. I hope someone out there may recognize this picture as that of their grandfather, father, or uncle, and claim it for their family. :)

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