Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WWII Photographs - Company A, 2d Med BN ARMD

Here is a project I have undertaken in the past few years: reuniting WWII photos with family members.

My husband's grandfather had many, many photos (nearly 50) and now we have them. I took those on which names were written, and began seeking out family a couple of years ago. So far I have reunited one or two photographs with family members.

Hubby's grandfather was in Company A, 2d Med BN ARMD (I take this to mean 2nd medical battalion, since he drove an ambulance). Most of these photos were taken in Germany (Volk and Speckwinkle).

Who knows if someone might come across this blog and recognize a name, though. Here goes:

Joseph Scotton

Irving Sazoff

Albert Brandl

Warren C. Bailey

Robert Biggs

Chester Hester (yes, that is his name)

"Shag" Owens, Harnett & Cornell (only a nickname for the first guy; no first names for the last two)

? Monzelia & "Red" Herman (I think the first one might be a Philip J. Monzella)

Barney Harris & Bing (last name difficult to read - looks like "Grama")

Emil "Bing" again (Hrama? Grama?)

? Nermauger

R. Johnson (yeah, big help, right?)

J. G. Bell

? Dantona

"Pat" Pamplin (or Pomplin)

? Ferris or Farris

Capt. Byrnes

"Doc" Whitney

Rutherford, Leger, Bell, Karth, Tryon, & R. Johnson

Lt. Henry

Sgt. Blakemore & Moses

Blakemore, Fugua (?), Lt. Baker, 1st Sgt. Jurek, & Capt. Weir

Carle, Thornhill, Lt. Klein & Lt. Baker

Carle Cohen & Oliver Carter

? Rusboldt, aka "Russ" (2 men named Rusboldt enlisted that I've found; a Frederick C. and a Robert E.)

Sam Vitale & Capt. Byrnes

? Zigursky & ? White (2 men named Zigursky enlisted that I've found; an Edward and a Joseph)

Hopefully someone will recognize a name and be able to respond, and hopefully I can get more photographs out to family members who will appreciate having a picture of a grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, or great-uncle!

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