Monday, January 21, 2008

The craziness that is my life...

I am not sure how many 33-year-olds have such a diversity of interests or amount of volunteer and other work on their plates as me...

My genealogical research definitely suffered over the holidays with:

The death of our 12 year old dog, Cody (our dear '2nd son')
My son's birthday
My birthday
Yule (hence, Coven obligations)
Solstice (hence, UU obligations)
Christmas (family, of course)

Throughout January, I've been so focused on the UU, newsletters I edit, and my writing, that genealogy has taken a backseat.

I really have people saying, "Where are you, Wendy? What are you up to? Any news on so-and-so?"

So, as today is NOT a babysitting day (I pick up my 2 nephews everyday after school and watch them for 2 hours), I am working through the pile on my desk, top to bottom. This means "The Bartlett Line" newsletter comes first. I wanted it finished no later than this weekend, so it can be sent to the Society's members. I had my husband proofread it (of course I proofread it after I printed it, but a second set of eyes ALWAYS helps).

I'm going to print a 2nd draft today for another proofreading and, if it looks good, get it to the printer.

After that, I have a huge amount of UU work to do, some coven items, and other things I can't identify in this pile... Oh, and my writing, of course.

That said, I hope to delve into genealogy at some point again this week. The New England Historic & Genealogical Society volunteer program is sending me some records I want to work on (I'm one of their volunteers, as you may remember), and I'm looking forward to that too!


  1. Wendy, I was scanning through your several blogs as part of my hobby of collecting blogs by Delaware residents. I spotted your reference to the Bartlett Line by chance and it intrigues me. I have been working through my family tree using; one of my failures has been an inability to get back past my Great-Great-Grandfather Robert Bartlett on my mother's mother's side. The only reference I have, so far, is my Grandfather's memory that his wife's grandfather had been a sea-captain. In New York. Do you have any leads on Bartlett-related databases that I might follow?

  2. Hi Mike,

    Regarding Bartlett-related databases, I don't know of any online, but have an extensive one.

    New York... Of course, many New Englanders went out there in the 1700's and later.

    If you would like to email me at with details on Robert Bartlett, I will gladly give you a hand breaking through the brick wall, and check the database I have.