Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hopeful reunion

Because I have all of my husband's grandfather's WWII photos, I feel a responsibility to do something with them. My goal has been to reunite them with family members. Of, oh, I don't know... 20 or 30-something photographs, I've mailed 2 to family. I search and I reach out to people, but they don't respond. It's too bad.

Fortunately I had an email today for the 3 photographs of this man, Rusboldt, aka "Russ". No first name on the photos presents a problem, but the person who contacted me today had a good number of immediate family serve in WWII.

I hope the odds of this being his father or one of his uncles are good; I'd love to see another person get tangible memories that perhaps they did not have before!

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